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  1. The Patch will be coming before the opening of beta.
  2. Updated Game Icon's into new/modern Lineage 2 Icons. Kain.ws Exclusive Items Cloaks: Kain's Boxes: Other Items:
  3. We decided to give to the Olympiad a bit more life so we updated it a little bit. By participating at Olympiad Matches players get Rewarded with Olympiad Tokens. Losing 250 and Winning 1000. To make the Olympiad Tokens more worth we updated the Shop of Olympiad Manager with some items that are Worth. The shop will get Upgraded with Server's Progress. We have also decided to make Infinity Weapons a bit more different. Beside the Retail Passive Skill each Infinity Weapon have we decided to add one more active skill. Here is a table of all the skills. For each of the skill the Cooldown is 30 Minutes. Also removed the Attribute Restriction of the Infinity Weapons. Now every here can add whatever Attribute type he pleases. Weapon New Skill Description Infinity Bow For 60 Seconds: Increase Speed by 15 and Attack Range by 100 Infinity Stinger For 60 Seconds Increase Critical Rate and Critical Damage by 5%. Infinity Blade For 90 Seconds Increase Reflect Damage by 5% and P.Atk by 3%. Infinity Axe For 90 Seconds Increase Max HP and Max CP by 10%. Infinity Crusher For 60 Seconds Increase Stun Resist and Stun Attack Rate by 10%. Infinity Fang For 60 Seconds Increase Reflect Damage by 5% and Attack Speed by 5%. Infinity Spear For 60 Seconds Increase Critical Damage by 5% and Atack Speed by 3%. Infinity Wing For 60 Seconds Increase Max HP by 5% and Mental Resist Rate by 10%. Infinity Scepter For 60 Seconds Increase M.Atk by 5% and Casting Speed by 3%. Infinity Rod For 30 Seconds Decreases MP consumption for skills. Infinity Cleaver For 60 Seconds Increase Speed by 10 and P.Atk by 5%. Infinity Rapier For 60 Seconds Increase Debuff Attack Rate by 10% and Speed by 5. Infinity Sword For 90 Seconds Increase Increase Reflect Damage by 5% and P.Atk by 3%. Infinity Shooter For 60 Seconds Increase Speed by 15 and Attack Range by 100.
  4. Kain


    By many players requests and feedback we made some changes to for instances. Updated Instances. Labyrinth of Abyss (Lv.83) NPC: Mathias , Rune Township. Party: 2 - 9 Reset: Daily. Rewards: Enchant Scrolls (S-Grade) Normal & Blessed - Moirai Jewles - Icarus Weapons. Hall of Suffering (Lv.80) NPC: Tepios , Seed of Infinity. Party: 2 - 9. Quest: Break Through the Hall of Suffering. Reset: Daily. Rewards: Enchant Scrolls (S-Grade) Normal & Blessed - Moirai Jewles - Icarus Weapons. Both this Instances dropping Blue Elmore Coins. Which can be used at NPC Mathias at Rune Township to get Talismans , Clan Eggs , Clan Reputation and More.
  5. Kain

    Cursed Eye

    What's "Cursed Eye" ?. A Kain's Exclusive Item/Buff created for giving more diversity to the gameplay. Cursed Eye can be bought through Donation Store for a really fair price or looted from Reward Boxes. Once using the Cursed Eye item you will spawn an un-targetable Eye/NPC which will buff everyone within 500 Range. The buff is 20 Seconds and it requires you to be all the time around the Eye. It Increase your PvE Damage and Adena/Drop/Spoil by 7%. But remember is called Cursed Eye for a reason it comes with a cost. You and everyone around you will get Flagged and everyone can come and take your Eye make sure you are ready to FIGHT.
  6. VIP System Introduction VIP System offers to the players who purchase it plenty of Bonuses Depending on the VIP Level such as: VIP Level can be increased by Killing Monsters 80+ around the MAP To be able to access the VIP System you need to have at your Inventory VIP Ticket By Double Clicking the VIP Ticket you will have Access to the VIP System page where you can see Bonuses and Level's This is not the only thing, VIP Players will be able to use a New Global Chat but using (-). You thought we were done? VIP Players can Purchase Items and Also Exclusive VIP items through PrimeShop using VIP Coins which you get Every 1 Hour by staying online at Server.
  7. Old School Lineage 2 & Modern Lineage 2 style Zaken World Boss. New World Boss Zaken. Spawning at Devil's Island Cave. Created to bring something new to the Activities of the Server. The boss drops Blessed Zaken Earring.
  8. To make something different we decided to make some Small Epics a bit more different and not copy neither Retail neither other's. We do it Kain style. For this epics we decided to make them Level 53 for players to make pvp with characters Level 61 which is the limit without getting Raid Curse.
  9. As far we know and seen Baium is usually a Epic Boss of Luck. Here at Kain we decided to give to the Raid Boss a Timer at the moment he wakes up. The timer is 10 Minutes for Baium to Wake up and Teleport to Close.
  10. Requested by many we have decided to make something new for the Gameplay. Removed the old school Lock/Controller/Instance/Rooms/Floors/Stairs/Elpy/Epidos. A Cubic Spawn at Hellbound and opens the gates to Beleth Throne. The Cubic stays active for 10 Minutes and any Command Channel with more than 18 Members can enter. The Location outside the Cubic and the Location of Beleth Throne are PvP Locations.
  11. Class Update: Posted 27 July 2021. Sword Singer & Blade Dancer: Updated Song/Dances to Melody: More Info! Prophet: Added Mass Buffs for all Skills beside Improved Buffs (Due to Olympiad Usage). Doomcryer: Added Chain Heal. Maestro: Added Final Servitor & War Cry Lv.1. Fortune Seeker: Added Bluff & Ultimate Evasion Lv.1.
  12. Updated Song/Dances New Skill - Melody Combination of Old Skills Study level Description Melody of Critical Fire + Hunter 40 P. Crit. Atk. Power +35%. P. Crit. Atk. Chance +100%. Melody of Benefit Inspiration + Water + Life 43 Accuracy +4. Evasion +3. HP Regen. +20%. Melody of Divine Light + Invocation 43 Increases Holy Attack + 20. Resistance from Dark attacks +20. Melody of Defence Warding + Earth 46 M.Def. +30%. P.Def. +25%. Melody of Power Mystic + Warrior 49 M.Atk. +20%. P.Atk. +12%. Melody of Rage Concentration + Fury 52 Casting Speed +30%. Atk. Speed +15%. Melody of Life Wind + Vitality 55 Speed +20. Max. HP +30%. Melody of Cyclon Earth + Storm Guards 66 Resistance from Earth and Wind +30. Melody of Magma Aqua + Flame Guards 68 Resistance from Water and Fire +30. Melody of Shadows Dance of Shadow 70 Hides from mobs. Speed -50%. Melody of Reflection Vampiric + Vengeance 72 Vampiric effect +8%. Damage Reflect +20%. Melody of Mind Renewal + Meditation 77 MP Regen. +20%. Magic Clarity effect -10%. Phys. Clarity effect -5%. Cooldowns reduced by 20%. Melody of Dominance Siren + Champion 78 M.Crit. Chance +100%. Phys. Clarity -20%. Cooldowns reduced by 10%. Melody of Elements Alignment + Elemental 79 All Elements Resistance +30. Each of the classes will have their Specific Skills like used to have.
  13. Website & Forum is now official Online.
  14. Welcome to Kain.ws. By joining with Clan at our Project we want to give you a Small Reward for choosing US. All the Clan's with More than 20 Members will Receive:
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